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Finding that perfect someone in today’s world is harder than it’s ever been- especially online. Confederates Only™ is a highly selective platform designed to connect singles who share a very defined set of interests and beliefs. Our staff of like minded individuals carefully review each new member profile to ensure our community is populated with well qualified individuals whose intentions and relationship goals are true and sincere. Unlike other dating sites, Confederates Only™ is the only dating platform that can guarantee the authenticity of every active user profile making it more possible than ever for our members to find and develop long lasting relationships.

Confederates Only™ is made up of your acquaintances, coworkers, classmates and other individuals from around the world looking to take the first step in finding someone special. Our site was created specifically for one purpose- making introductions and building connections. We don’t host or maintain social network profiles, company blogs, message boards or newsletters and have no interest in supporting discussions on social politics or the merits of political correctness. Your membership will be confidential and private. User profiles are never visible to non-members and our success stories and featured matches are only promoted with member consent. Confederates Only™ is not for everyone, but it might just be the perfect place to find your special someone.

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